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Under the Bombs

Feature Film

Philipe Aractingi


98 minutes

Produced by:
François Cohen-Séat, Paul Raphael & Philipe Aractingi

Written by:
Michel Léviant

Edited by:
Deena Charara

Arabic with English subtitles


Winner! — Best Actress, Dubai Int'l Film Festival
Winner! — Altre Visioni & Human Rights Film Award,
Venice Film Festival

“Strikingly beautiful. . . Utterly compelling!”
- Bernard Besserglik, The Hollywood Reporter

"Superb!. . . a hypnotic roller coaster [that is] chilling and deeply affecting"
- Jonathan Curiel, The San Franciso Chronicle

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During a cease-fire in the Lebanon-Israel conflict of 2006, a Christian taxi driver brings a nontraditional Shiite woman from Beirut to the heart of the conflict in the country's south. While they scour the rubble of local towns for her son who was sent to live with her traditional family while she was staying with her husband in Dubai, they discover that despite their very different backgrounds they have much in common. And during their trip through the desolate countryside, the two travelers develop a deep bond as a response to the death striking all around them.

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