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Are your films subtitled in English?

All of our films are accessible to an English-speaking audience. All of our films have English subtitles, but some documentaries are narrated in English.

Why are some of your films not available for online purchase?

Some of our titles are primarily available for institutional/educational purposes and have yet to be released on home video. If you would like to purchase one of these titles for home video use, please e-mail or call us for a price quote.

Why are some videos priced so much higher than the others?

Some of the videos we provide come from other distributors and we are obligated to honor the retail prices they have selected for their films.

Do you sell films that are not listed on your web site?

No, all of the films we have available are listed on our web site

Why do you include some films from non-Arab countries on your web site?

Although the name of our company is Arab Film Distribution (AFD), we strive to promote cinema from throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

As a filmmaker, how can I submit a film for distribution?

We would love to receive your preview tape for consideration. Please send your tape (preferably NTSC format) and information to us and allow 30 days for a response.



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