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A Family Film by Samir
Iraqi Odyssey
Tracing the emigrations of his family over more than half a century, this riveting 3D documentary epic from acclaimed expatriate Iraqi filmmaker Samir pays moving homage More >
Aspirations of Four Afghan Women
Afghan Dreams
Duniya, Rohila, Nabila, and Arghawan are four Afghan law students at Kabul University. The young women outperformed their male counterparts to be on Kabul University’s first team... More >

Voices of Christian Palestinians
Christian Palestine in Chile
Due to political and economic instability, Christian Palestinians have been immigrating to the Americas since the 19th century. Today Christians Palestinians constitute only 2% of the population in th More >
Exploring Egyptian Life
Egyptian Sons
Tania Kamal-Eldin’s (Hollywood Harems, Covered, and Cairo Chronicles) latest documentary juxtaposes the daily lives of two Egyptian boys from different socioeconomic backgrounds. More >

Explore Palestinian Cinema!
Cinema Palestine
Cinema Palestine is poetic a documentary which explores the life and work of multiple generations of Palestinian filmmakers and media artists. More >
A Profound Spiritual Odyssey
Looking for Muhyiddin
A man (played by the filmmaker Nacer Khemir) returns home to Tunis to bury his mother. After the burial, his father gives him an "amana" to be handed to a certain Sheikh named Muhyiddin. More >

Reconnecting Roots
Road to Kurdistan
This moving documentary takes the viewer on a road trip into the heart of the Kurdish soul. More >
A Journey of the Imagination!
Sheherazade: Words against Death
In this filmed performance, storyteller/filmmaker Nacer Khemir sits on chair in the middle of a dimly lit stage and deploys the magic of words to take us on a journey of the imagination. More >

A Meditation on the Arabic Language
André Miquel: An Encounter with the Arabic Language
There are men who bring shorelines closer with their work, André Miquel is one of them. More >
Muslim-Jewish relations
Jews and Muslims: Intimate Strangers
Jews and Muslims are seen as the archetype of enemies in endless conflict, a perception made of misunderstandings and omissions. More >

Muslim American women on the Hijab
Just a Piece of Cloth
Four Muslim American women find that in post-9-11 America, their choice to wear or not wear the hijab (the Muslim headscarf or covering), has become a focal point for debate and education. Arwa, born More >
Palestinian refugee camps in Syria
Key, The
Shot in the Palestinian refugee camps in the Syrian cities of Damascus and Homs, this beautifully choreographed documentary essay uses the symbol of the Palestinian catastrophe Al-Nakba.... More >

New Doc by Mohammad Bakri
Zahra (also known as Zahara)
Director Mohammad Bakri narrates this personal documentary about his aunt Zahra Bakri. More >
Resisting Through Art
Art of Resilience
In 2011, Syrian activist and Civil Engineer Raghad Mardini, took it upon herself to lovingly restore the place and offer it as temporary haven to fellow Syrian artists seeking refuge from the civil wa More >

Examining Iraqi Refugees in the US
Lost Dream, The
Ten years after the US-led war in Iraq, thousands of displaced Iraqi refugees are still facing a crisis in the United States... More >
Enter this Secret Syrian World
Abortion of the Soul
Taken by the story of a friend who went through a painful abortion experience, Syrian filmmaker Bahraa Hijazi examines the taboo world of reproductive rights in Syrian society. More >

Cultural Coexistence Through Falafel
Falafelism: The Politics of Food in the Middle East
Falafelism follows the iconic Palestinian croquette made from ground chickpeas and fava beans as it rolls its way through world history, cultural identity, class struggle, and international politics. More >
Journey Through Iranian Cinema
Journey Through Iranian Cinema With Mark Cousins, A
In A Journey Through Iranian Cinema With Mark Cousins, Iranian filmmaker Ehsan Khoshbakht catches up with Mark during the English tour of The Story of Film. More >

Provocative and Hilarious
Jerry and Me
“Jerry & Me” is a personal documentary exploring the significance of Hollywood movies (by Kubrick, Hitchcock, Hawks, Sirk, Ford, and Jerry Lewis, among others) in the life of the filmmaker... More >
Incredibly Brave & Articulate
Tajik Woman, A
A picture of an unknown Tajik woman found in a Russian book on Tajikistan encourages videomaker Mehrnaz Saeed-Vafa to reflect on issues of exile and cultural conflict for Muslim women from Afghanistan More >

On Whiteness and Assimilation
Not Quite White
Jamil Khoury draws upon his own Arab and Slavic heritage as the lens through which to investigate the broader issue of immigrants achieving whiteness and hence qualifying as "fully American." More >
New English translation!
Terrorism & Kebab
a farce denouncing the absurdity of bureaucracy in modern Egypt. Adel Imam, Egypt's leading comic actor, is a father who wants to move his son to a school closer to home. More >
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