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"Other" Threat, The: Arab/Muslim Immigrants in Europe


Bassam Haddad


78 minutes

English, Spanish, and Arabic w/ English subtitles


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Available for online sale
Available for online sale

It is said that the world changed forever after September 11, 2001—but this isn't necessarily true for people living in Europe. Most Europeans still consider immigration to be a greater threat than terrorism.

In a subtle-yet-candid manner, The "Other" Threat reveals the reality of Arab/Muslim immigration in two European countries that have been afflicted with terrorism for decades: Spain and The United Kingdom. The film's exposition is simple but powerful, weaving history, culture, politics, propaganda, psychology, and racism together within the context of globalization, capitalism, and the demand for cheap labor. The result is an exhilarating, even-handed presentation that serves as a record of the condition of Arab/Muslim immigration in Europe in the age of "The War on Terror."

Of particular interest to American audiences, and indeed to audiences worldwide, is the question of how immigrants and immigration affect domestic policies and populations. The European models of dealing with immigrants offer a variety of approaches that may be instructive for dealing with similar current realities in the USA.


Angel Lossada—Director, Terrorism Affairs, Foreign Ministry, Madrid
Yvonne Ridley—Political Editor, The Islam Channel, London
William Dalrymple—Historian and Journalist, London
Roderigo Gavilan—Spokesperson for the Confederation of Spanish Police
Munir El-Messery—Imam of Madrid Mosque
Nigel West—Counter-Terrorism Expert and Historian, London
Beatríz Barcia Carregal—Public Representative, Association for Victims of Terrorism, Madrid
Jeremy Corbyn—Member of Parliament, Labour Party, London
Ina Collado—March 11 Victims Association, Madrid
José María Irujo—Journalist, El País Newspaper, Madrid
Azzam Tamimi—Institute of Islamic Political Thought & Muslim Association of Britain
Sir John Butterfill—Member of Parliament, Conservative Party, London
...and many more!

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