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Desert Ark, The & Daratt (Dry Season)
[L'arche Du Désert]

Feature Film

Mohamed Chouikh


90 minutes

Produced by:
Rachid Diguer

Edited by:
Yamina Chouikh

Arabic with English subtitles


Winner! Best Cinematography

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Great African Films, Vol. 3: The Desert Ark and Daratt (Dry Season) The third installment in this series of award-winning films from Africa includes Mohamed Chouikh's The Desert Ark, Two teenagers from opposite sides of the tracks fall in love, their forbidden relationship pitting family against family. And Mahamat-Saleh Haroun's Dry Season is a subtle and often surprising film from Chad about the relationship between a young man and his father’s killer set at the end of the country’s civil war when the government has granted amnesty to war criminals.

Romeo and Juliet in the Algerian desert. Amin and Myriam are secretly in love. Their families are rivals and when their relationship is discovered, conflict is inevitable. From inside the cave where they have taken refuge, the two young people hear the cries of a senseless murderous raid. A universal metaphor to denounce the horror of all extremist violence, The Desert Ark is a splendid and terrifying visualization of contemporary reality.

The government has granted amnesty to all war criminals. Atim, 16 years old, is given a revolver by his grandfather so that he may kill the man who killed his father. Atim leaves his village for N’djamena, seeking a man he does not know. He quickly locates him: former war criminal Nassara is now married and settled down as the owner of a small bakery. With the firm intention of killing him, Atim gets closer to Nassara under the guise of looking for work, and is hired as an apprentice baker. Intrigued by Atim's attitude toward him, Nassara takes him under his wing and teaches him the secrets of making bread. Over the weeks, a strange relationship evolves between the two. Despite his disgust, Atim seems to recognise in Nassara the father figure he has always needed, while Nassara sees the teenager as a potential son. One day, he suggests adoption.

| Chad | 2006 | 95min | drama in French and Arabic with English subtitles | Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, Dir. |

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