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The 5th Seattle
Arab and Iranian Film Festival
1625 Broadway (at Broadway and Pine on Capitol Hill)

Friday, March 15th
7:00 Opening Night Event Reception - Ali Zaoua
9:45 Delbaran
Saturday, 16th
2:00 The Tornado
5:00 A Girl's Secret
7:00 Shrapnels in Peace
9:00 The Land of Strangers
Sunday, 17th
2:00 Tale of the Three Jewels
5:00 Iranian-American Shorts
7:00 Jack Shaheen Lecture
9:00 Arab-American Shorts
Monday, 18th
7:00 Frontiers of Dreams and Fears / Satellite Shooters
9:00 Breeze of the Spirit
Tuesday, 19th
7:00 Gaza Strip
9:00 In the Shadows of the City
Wednesday, 20th
7:00 The Closed Doors
9:00 Living in Paradise
Thursday, 21st
7:00 Closing Night film Under the Moonlight
9:00 Land of Fear

For festival and program information call: 206-322-2564 or e-mail us at: [email protected]


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