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Milky Way, The
Milky Way, The

Feature Film

Ali Nassar


104 minutes

Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles
    "Engrossing and poignant. A fairy tale that contains all the truth of fiction." - John Anderson, Newsday

"Superbly acted and directed." - Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

This title is currently out of print!

In 1964, in a small Arab village in the Galilee, the villagers living under military rule must cope with the delicate coexistence of social ritual and deep, unhealed wounds.

In the 1948 war of Israeli independence, many of the Palestinian villagers were killed or forced away from their homes and loved ones. Among those left behind is the childlike Mabruq (Suheil Haddad), who lost his parents near the Lebanon border. He grows up on hand-outs, constantly searching for affection, and acts the Village Fool.

The story's plot points, however, are secondary to the informative details which make The Milky Way a rich, knowing portrait of a world filled with humor and cruelty, derailed dreams and small sensual pleasures.

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