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Nusrat! Live at Meany CD
Nusrat! Live at Meany CD



87 minutes

Produced by:
University of Washington

Arabic, Farsi and Urdu
    "I do not sing to become famous or wealthy. All praise is to God that I lack nothing. But, when I sing, it's because I inherited this talent from my great heritage. I thank our ancestors many times." ŚNusrat

The highlight of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's residency in the Ethnomusicology Program at the University of Washington School of Music was this January 23, 1993 concert at Meany Theater.

This video illustrates his masterful use of hand and facial gestures to convey both meaning and to generate excitement and participation from the audience. It also captures the great master at work, leading his outstanding eight-man ensemble and elevating each song to a state of unparalleled musical and spiritual intoxication.

Digitally remastered to enhance both sound and picture, Nusrat! Live At Meany offers a rare opportunity to view the late master of qawwali at his finest.

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