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Actor, The
Actor, The

Feature Film

Mohsen Makhmalbaf


88 minutes

Written by:
Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Farsi with English subtitles
A wild comedy of marital discord filmed with Makhmalbaf's inimitable visual flair, THE ACTOR features an odd love triangle. Pudgy Akbar Abdi plays a popular film actor who has grown wealthy from appearing in mindless commercial comedies, although he longs to make serious art films like his idol, Charlie Chaplin. Akbar and his melancholy wife Simin (Fatemeh Motamed-Aria) live in a startling post-modern home furnished with the latest in high-tech gadgetry. Simin becomes increasingly obsessed with her inablilty to have a child and insists that Akbar should take a second wife, a mute waif of a gypsy girl (Mahaya Petrossian), who will disappear after being well paid for providing them with an infant.
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