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Bye Bye
Bye Bye

Feature Film

Karim Dridi


107 minutes

French and Arabic with English subtitles
    Winner: Award of the Youth, Cannes Film Festival - 1995

"Eloquent and haunting with the intensity of an American gangster movie." - The Boston Globe

One of France's most exciting new directors delivers an affecting story with Bye Bye. Ismael, a handsome 25 year old haunted by guilt over a family tragedy leaves Paris and arrives in the French port city of Marseilles with his 14 year old brother, Mouloud. Their uncle's family, who lives in a seedy, raucous section of town, welcomes them. As IsmaŽl finds honest work on the docks, Mouloud is taken under the wing of his teenaged cousin, Rhida, whose dabblings as a drug dealer introduce young Mouloud to a terrifying world of violence.

Riding the tensions between the personal and the political Bye Bye examines the conflict arising between a generation of North Africans still attached to their homeland and that of their French-born children carving a home in a place that does not want them.

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