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Images From the Qajar Dynasty / The School Blown Away by the Wind

Short Film

Mohsen Makhmalbaf

1993 / 1996

18 minutes / 8 minutes

Written by:
Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Farsi with English subtitles


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Available on DVD as extra features on THE HOUSE IS BLACK

Makhmalbaf made this short documentary while preparing his acclaimed feature, Once Upon A Time, Cinema. The Qajar (aka Ghajar) family ruled Iran from 1785 - 1925. The film shows rare photos and early film shot during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century at the Shah's court, along with family portraits and fabulous tile mosaics.

THE SCHOOL BLOWN AWAY BY THE WIND: The school for nomad children seen in GABBEH is the subject of this heartwarming short that includes a humanist twist worthy of an O. Henry story. It begins as an old man enters the improvised classroom. The teacher thinks his visitor might be an inspector from the Training & Education Ministry so he allows him to question the children about their education. It turns out that the visitor is acutally a former teacher who has stopped by to refresh his memories of a happy time in his life.

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