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André Miquel: An Encounter with the Arabic Language


Nacer Khemir



Produced by:
Yann Brolli

Edited by:
Adrien Pierre

In French with English Subtitles


"In a way that few other have managed to achieve, Miquel has written brilliantly and extensively, both as a scientist and a poet about Arabic Literature and medieval Islamic society."
— George Sabagh, University of California

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Available for online sale
Available for online sale

Part of a Journey to the Heart of Arab Culture
with Three New Films by Nacer Khemir

Language: André Miquel: An Encounter with the Arabic Language
Imagination: Scheherazade: Words Against Death
Faith: Looking for Muhyiddin

There are men who bring shorelines closer with their work, André Miquel is one of them. Punctuated by classical Arabic poetry set to music, André Miquel: An Encounter with The Arabic Language is both a tribute to the man and the object of his passion: The Arabic Language. The celebrated translator of "One Thousand and One Nights" to French, speaks about what sparked his interest as a young man from the Languedoc region of France in the culture of the Arab world. He also elaborates on the function of languages, the challenges and pleasures of translation from Arabic, his French upbringing and growing old. What transpires is an inspiring meditation on life and culture and the need for deeper communication between peoples.

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