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Abolfazl Jalili


96 minutes

Edited by:
Abolfazl Jalili

In Farsi with English subtitles
    Don Quixote Award - Locarno International Film Festival

"...Much of its power derives from its striking cinematography....The film's compassion and respect towards its varied subjects speaks volumes..." - Total Film

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Fourteen-year-old Kaim is an Afghan refugee who has found work helping out at Khan's Place, a truck stop close to the Iranian border. Amongst the clientele--an assortment of drivers, traders, and opium smokers--is Officer Mahadavi, keeping a lookout for illegal immigrants but oblivious to Kaim's status. The boy runs endless errands, most of which involve a succession of vehicles that seem to break down or run out of fuel on a regular basis. Movement is a constant in this film, as Kaim and other characters traverse the barren but beautiful desert landscape, where the sounds of automatic weapons are always just within earshot. Abolfazi Jalili's characteristically spare approach is perfectly attuned to this gentle, understated study of the harshness of political exile. Dedicated to “all the children of war,” the film is fiction based on fact. Shot in a modest documentary style, the film offers a lyrical and poetic narrative that is poignant and moving.

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