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Feature Film

Majid Majidi


96 minutes

Produced by:
Majid Majidi & Fouad Nahas

Written by:
Majid Majidi

Edited by:
Hassan Hassandoost

In Farsi with yellow English subtitles
    Winner! Best Film, Montreal Film Festival

"Beautiful, deceptively simple" - The New York Post

Winner for Best Film at the Montreal Film Festival, this wonderfully romantic and uplifting story is from the acclaimed director of the Academy Award nominee Children of Heaven.

In a Tehran building site, a 17-year-old Iranian named Lateef is known more for his playful antics than his hard work. Then things take an unexpected turn when an Afghan coworker falls from the building and the worker's son, Rahmat, enters the scene to become the new provider for his family. But even as Lateef finds himself irresistibly drawn to Rahmat, it's not until the revelation of Rahmat's secret (that he is actually a young woman, posing as a man) that both of their lives are forever changed.

A humorous and moving love story of the most romantic kind - critics everywhere have declared this delightfully entertaining motion picture as one not to be missed.

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