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Moment of Innocence, A
Moment of Innocence, A

Feature Film

Mohsen Makhmalbaf


75 minutes

Farsi w/ English subtitles
    "Full of warmth, humor, and mystery." —The Chicago Reader

"Brilliant and poignant!" —The New York Times

NOTE: We only have one very rare DVD copy available for sale!As this film is now out-of-print and no longer available.

A Moment of Innocence is a poetic and often comic re-construction of an incident that dramatically affected the lives of two people.

In 1974, director Mohsen Makhmalbaf, then a 17-year-old rebel against the Shah's regime, stabbed a young policeman during a botched attempt to steal the officer's gun. Makhmalbaf spent five reflective years in prison, and was freed after the Islamic revolution.

While making an earlier film, Makhmalbaf again met the policeman, who showed up and declared he wanted to be an actor. The director would use this reunion as a springboard for A Moment of Innocence. In re-creating their violent encounter for film, it becomes clear that each man had a unique perspective on the events of that fateful day.

DVD Special Features:

  • Foreign Trailer
  • Scene Selections
  • Essay in booklet by film critic Godfrey Cheshire
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