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100% Arabica
100% Arabica

Feature Film

Mahmoud Zemmouri


85 minutes

Produced by:
Mahmoud Zemmouri

Written by:
Marie-Laurence Attias, Mahmoud Zemmouri

Edited by:
Youcef Tobni

French with English subtitles
    Official Selection, Venice Film Festival

"The stars of the movie, Khaled and Cheb Mami, are well-known Rai singers, and their charm and charisma is evident." -

In a housing project located on the outskirts of Paris renamed "100% Arabica" by its inhabitants, African immigrants live side by side. The residents are united by their struggle for recognition in a society where immigrants are often regarded as second class citizens. In a world of exiles, poverty is the common denominator. Against this backdrop, director Zemmouri has brought together two of the biggest and most charismatic stars of the cross-cultural musical form known as Rai, Cheb Mami and Khaled, who play the leaders of a band called Rap Oriental. As the band of musicians starts to gain in popularity, the Imam of the local mosque (Mouss) tries to destroy them by stirring up racial and cultural tensions. However, no one can stop the infectious popularity of the songs in this story of music triumphing over bigotry and violence.

Bonus Short film with DVD: ROTATING SQUARE
Egypt, 2002, surrealist comedy in Arabic with English subtitles, Ahmed Hassouna dir.

Sami and his wife Sarah are packing to move to the USA where they intend to open a restaurant. Rania, Sarah's sister, goes to their house to take them to the airport, but some unexpected and unforeseeable events take place in the apartment: games of seduction, murder and dead bodies to be disposed of. A surrealist comedy by Ahmed Hassouna who belongs to a new group of young promising Egyptian filmmakers.

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