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Baghdad Shorts Collection - Volume One
Baghdad Shorts Collection - Volume One

Short Film

Various Directors


87 minutes

Arabic with English subtitles

These five short films were made by students at the Independent Film & Television College of Baghdad between the end of 2004 and May of 2007. Each piece offers viewers a window into the life of ordinary Iraqis during this extraordinary and turbulent time.

Documentary Course March, 2006
Directed by Ahmed Kamal
2006 | 15 minutes
Director Ahmed Kamal documents the lives of his fellow students at the Independent Film & Television College in Baghdad as they enroll in classes, choose the subjects for their films and face the challenges of filming in the war-torn streets of Iraq. The college eventually has to close its doors when two people are abducted from the building and an explosion in the street below shatters all its windows.

Directed by Kifaya Saleh
2005 | 12 minutes
Opened in an old house in 1992 by a close-knit group of Iraqi artists and writers, the Hiwar Center is a gathering place for those who are interested in literature, film, music and art. This wonderful short work showcases the center and explores its role as a vibrant meeting-place in the heart of Baghdad.

Dr. Nabil
Directed by Ahmed Jabbar
2007 | 15 minutes
Dr. Nabil is a gentle and committed surgeon and father who works at a small, understaffed Baghdad hospital suffering from a lack of equipment and medicine. Though other doctors have been killed or have fled the country in fear of their lives, Dr. Nabil has decided to stay. He worries, though, what effects the atmosphere of violence and brutality will have on his young son.

Baghdad Days
Directed by by Hiba Bassem
2005 | 35 minutes
Director Hiba Bassem returns to Baghdad from Kirkuk in 2005 to finish her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts. This video diary chronicles her first year in Baghdad as she searches for a place to live, looks for work, attends college, deals with family problems and struggles to come to terms with her position as a woman living on her own. Baghdad Days won a New Horizon Silver Award at the Al Jazeera International Film Festival and a Golden Award at the Rotterdam Arab Film Festival in 2006.

Thinking About Leaving
Directed by Hiba Bassem
2007 | 10 minutes
Commissioned by Al Jazeera International
Living in a house with her sisters, mother and brother without electricity and surrounded by constant danger, director Hiba Bassem ruminates about what the past three years have brought to those who are living in Iraq.

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