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Letters In the Wind
Letters In the Wind

Feature Film

Ali Reza Amini


76 minutes

Produced by:
Habibollah Kasehsaz

Written by:
Ali Reza Amini & Keivan Nakhaei

Edited by:
Behroz Kahali

Farsi w/ English subtitles
    "There is something about the purity and simplicity of a film like Ali Reza-Amni's Letters in the Wind that overwhelms. . ."
- Keith Brown, Eye For Film UK

Despite being officially barred from leaving Iran's borders, Ali-Reza Amini's film has earned international acclaim as a standout of the Iranian New Wave. The film follows a young man as he performs his military service at a snowy training camp near Tehran. A smuggled hand held tape recorder with a recording of a woman's voice is the only lifeline that he and his comrades have to the cheerful world outside of their barracks. With its beautiful imagery and lingering themes, Amini's film is "a captivating tale of desire" (Toronto Film Festival).
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