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Men at Work
Men at Work

Feature Film

Mani Haghighi


75 minutes

Produced by:
Mohammad Reza Takhtkeshian

Written by:
Mani Haghighi & Abbas Kiarostami

Edited by:
Mastaneh Mohajer

Farsi w/ English subtitles
    Winner! Best Screenwriter, Mani Haghighi
- Asian Film Awards

". . . a wonderfully offbeat comic allegory that maintains the sharpness of Kiarostami's humanist observations."
- Aaron Hillis

". . . firmly grounded in concrete dialogue and believable human interaction." - Deborah Young

This film tells the hilarious story of four old friends who, driving back from a failed skiing trip, encounter a strange and enormous rock. The men's frivolous attempt to dislodge the rock gradually disintegrates into a tale of betrayal, defeat and renewed hope. The heroes of the film are doctors, engineers and businessmen in the throes of mid-life crises. Their middleclass problems and the absurd phallic rock venture gives rise to great humor.
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