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Fairuz: We Loved Each Other So Much
Fairuz: We Loved Each Other So Much


Jack Janssen


80 minutes

Edited by:
Menno Boerema

Arabic with English subtitles
    Official Selection!
- San Francisco Arab Film Festival

Official Selection!
- Vancouver International Film Festival

"Poetic. . . finds humor and indomitable spirit in its subjects."
- Dennis Harvey, Variety

"A touching portrait of life in post-war Beirut."
- Peter Speetjens, The Daily Star On Line

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For nearly half a century, the Lebanese singer Fairuz has been a living legend throughout the Arab world.

Her home is Beirut, a thriving seaport once known as "the Paris of the Middle East." Throughout a fifteen year civil war, Fairuz remained in Beirut and everyone - whether Christian or Muslim, left-wing or right-wing - continued to idolize this singer with a nightingale voice.

We Loved Each Other So Much tells the stories of diverse Beirut inhabitants who, regardless of their political or religious affiliations, have always felt a deep emotional connection with the singer and her music. By explaining their attachment, they tell their life stories, often recounting violent incidents from the civil war. Their reminiscences, combined with portions of many of Fairuzís songs, provide a moving commentary on Lebanonís tumultuous history.

Fairuz is a cultural phenomenon whose appeal has today spread far beyond the Arab world. She has performed regularly, including in recent years, in Las Vegas, Basle, Paris and Brussels, attracting audiences numbering in the hundreds of thousands. We Loved Each Other So Much offers viewers a revealing introduction to this legendary singer.
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