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Films of Masri & Chamoun: Frontiers of Dreams and Fears & Children of Shatila
Films of Masri & Chamoun: Frontiers of Dreams and Fears & Children of Shatila


Mai Masri

1998 & 2001

106 minutes

Produced by:
Jean Chamoun

Arabic with English subtitles
    Winner! Best Director — ASFF, London
Winner! Earth Vision Award — Tokyo, Japan

"Frontiers of Dreams and Fears exhibits an optimism that cuts through the cynicism of minds numbed by too much faceless violence on the evening news. Rather than despair, its emotional foundation is hope." —Daily Star Lebanon

Frontiers of Dreams and Fears
Award-winning Palestinian filmmaker Mai Masri's documentary traces the delicate friendship that evolves between two Palestinian girls: Mona, a resident of the economically marginalized Beirut refugee camp and Manar, an occupant of Bethlehem's Al-Dheisha camp under Israeli control. The two girls begin and continue their relationship through letters until they are finally given the opportunity to meet at the border during the Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon. When the intifada suddenly erupts around them, both girls face heart-breaking changes in their lives.

As in Masri's earlier films, Children of Shatila (1998) and Children of Fire (1990), Frontiers of Dreams and Fears focuses on the difficult plight of Palestinian children while exhibiting an optimism that defies their unbearable circumstances.
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Children of Shatila
Many people first became aware of the Shatila refugee camp in Lebanon after the shocking and horrific Sabra-Shatila massacre that took place there in 1982. Located in Beirut's "belt of misery," the camp is home to 15,000 Palestinians and Lebanese who share a common experience of displacement, unemployment and poverty. Fifty years after the exile of their grandparents from Palestine, the children of Shatila attempt to come to terms with the reality of being refugees in a camp that has survived massacre, siege and starvation. Director Mai Masri focuses on two Palestinian children in the camp: Farah, age 11 and Issa, age 12. When these children are given video cameras, the story of the camp evolves from their personal narratives as they articulate the feelings and hopes of their generation.
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